Coastal – Halfway to you

An album full of moody indie guitar pop. This is the second album of Coastal, after their self-titled debut in 2001. The listener is treated to slow, dreamy songs, with shoegaze and psychedelic influences. A tranquil, melancholic soundtrack for patient people.

The sound is rather fragile, perhaps comparable to labelmates Fiel Garvie. Other ethereal usual suspects also come to mind, like the Cocteau Twins, Low and Slowdive. I like the combined voices of Jason and Luisa Gough. The compositions are quite minimal, but the textured sound is very nice, with strings and bells added amongst others. The sound is a bit hazy, somewhat like an impressionist painting. After a few songs drowsiness lurks around the corner, and I doze off a little.

Everything sounds very organic and harmonic, peaceful I would say. “Halfway to you” is a relaxed album for calm weekends. Perhaps not essental in this genre, but enjoyable.

artist: Coastal
label: Words on Music
details: 9 tracks, 42 minutes