Coinside – Malleus Maleficarum

Coinside is a project of Sven Bussler, also known for his more industrial act Wappenbund and the Greyland label. In Coinside Bussler works together with Torsten Bessert, who is responsible for the lyrics and vocals. The music of Coinside has the same powerful bombastic sound as Wappenbund, but goes more in a dark electro direction. The track that opens the mcd, is an instrumental piece though, that could also have been on a Wappenbund release. Very orchestral, with a powerful drumsound and some distorted samples. Next track ‘Zorn’ brings us to electro territory, with danceable beats and distorted vocals. This song reminds me a lot of Der Prager Handgriff. ‘Hexenhammer’ is the absolute hammer of this mcd, it has the potention to shake a lot of electro dancefloors. It reminds of the older and better) work of Terminal Choice and is very catchy. ‘Metamorph’ has a slower pace and a more industrial sound, and doesn’t really convince me. As a nice bonus Coinside offers us a cover version of the Leather strip classic ‘Adrenalin Rush’, which stays close to the original.

artist: Coinside
label: Ars Electrique
details: 5 tracks, 23 minutes