Cold Pop Culture – Cold Pop Radio Demo

any years ago I really enjoyed the Dutch deathmetal band Gorefest. A year ago the new band by Gorefest singer/bassplayer Jan Chris de Koeijer, called Cold Pop Culture, released a first demo. Cold Pop Radio Demo is the second demo.
Cold Pop Culture mixes 80’s pop with synth music, a few wave influences and a bit of rock music. Musically the songs are very strong but fail to move me. ’Back to earth’ has a nice mood but seems to go nowhere. ‘Cold pop radio’ is a rock song that refers to The Sisters but also has a bit of a slick poppy feeling. Same goes for the other tracks on this demo. They are too slick and/or don’t have a clear structure.
I am sure CPC is able to establish themselves in the future as a solid pop/rock band but they could pay more attention to the songwriting and less to the technical/musical aspect of their music. It seems as if that is overdone a bit.
By the way, Gorefest is also back…

artist: Cold Pop Culture
label: self-released
details: cd-r, 5 tracks