Collection d`Arnell Andrea – The Bower of Despair

The first thing that you will hear while listening to this new album by Collection D’Arnell Andrea is the prominent role for the (rock) guitar. The Bower of Despair is very much a gothic rock record. The ethereal wave aspects are still to be found in the songs but the 80’s gothic rock influences can not be denied.

Fans of the ethereal wave / heavenly voices aspect of the band will be disappointed with this new release. But, if you are open to the sound of this album you will discover some very strong songs on it.

The Spirit of the Dead’ is very much in the style of bands like Diva Destruction and Switchblade Symphony. A bit of an American sound maybe but still a catchy and strong song. ‘Before I Die’ starts like an Interpol song but quickly gets more typical gothic rock. Strange is the beginning of ‘Time Always Blows Away’. It could have been an U2 song but again soon changes into a classical piece of gothic rock.

The Bower of Despair is an energetic album with a modern gothic feeling despite the strong 80’s goth influences. Maybe this is not what fans expected from the band, but it is a decent album nevertheless.

artist: Collection d`Arnell Andrea
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 11 tracks [PRIK086]