Coma Divine – # 10110

Behind this new name hide two creative entities which have been around the block a bit longer: c768 and nox, drummer and keyboard-player of the Italian formation Weltschmerz. In 2001 they had the urge to start this new project, in which they could use their new, more experimental sound explorations. Now they have gathered this professional looking demo cd-r to bring their work to the public.

The 8 tracks, lasting 23 minutes in total, can certainly be called interesting. Coma Divine offers us dark ambient drones, which is sometimes a bit noisy. Experimental bits are alternated with rather relaxed pieces. The keyboards and samples are enhanced by manipulated field recordings. The sounds and noises lead to a coherent end result, with a rather cold and oppressive atmosphere. Certainly promising, though I’m not sure if they will be remarked within the flood of dark ambient acts that are around nowadays.

artist: Coma Divine
label: self-released
details: demo cdr, 8 tracks