Compest – Kryptozoologie

Cryptozoology was a new term to me, and a few Google-hits later, I found out that it is the study of unknown animals that are not (yet) accepted by science, such as Big Foot, Yeti and The Loch-Ness monster. A quite unusual theme for a release, but what is to be expected by labelmates of Aalfang mit Pferdekopf?

Listening to the Compest release -which is Martin Steinebach- I do not get the impression of weird sound engineers riddling their compositions with (overall pleasant) absurdity, alike AMP. Instead, ‘Kryptozoologie’ is highly accessible and enjoyable Ant-Zen-ish techno ambience.

Compest’s tracks build up slowly, from sizzling ambience towards almost danceable rhythm structures. No technoise here, but rather a calm beat to dance to in slow motion. Ingredient after ingredient is piled up towards a climax, leaving the listener eventually in a bed of dark and quite cold electronics. The structure is very clear and transparent. In none of the five untitled tracks the structured gets imbalanced or overruled by noises.

Ritual and ethnic elements (the music has sometimes an oriental feeling) put their mark on ‘Kryptozoologie’, contrasting lifeless electronics that remind me of the Canadian act Vromb, or L’Ombre, with ethno. An intriguing blend of creativity is the result, well worth looking out for in the future.

artist: Compest
label: Einzeleinheit
details: 5 tracks, 46 min., 2005