Contemplatron – Antarabhava/The Six Realms

The bandname, title and artwork of this release predict an album filled with soundscapes of a spiritual character. And indeed, the sound structures of this cd are inspired by “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. The label describes it as ‘a kind of a soundtrack for the religious rituals.’ My fears of a smooth new age album were unnecessary, because on their debut album Contemplatron offers us a deep ambient sound which is far from shallow.

A track lime ‘Mantra’ really does justice to its title. Drones swell and diminish, with the sounds of bells and gongs gently interwoven, while vague voices whisper hidden truths. Other tracks have subtle rhythmic elements or spacious electronic sounds, while remaining slow and meditative.

I found that this music with its repetive themes really has an impact on me, it makes me calm and focused, though the tracks also convey different moods. Antarabhãva / The Six Realms is one of the better ambient releases I heard recently, very beautiful.

artist: Contemplatron
label: Wrotycz Records
details: cd, 12 tracks [WRT002]