Contrast – Preparations demo

Though this is only the second time Contrast releases own material, the new band has already accomplished quite some things. They played as opening act for Kirlian Camera in The Netherlands and had some tracks of them published on several compilations.

This compilation demo contains three tracks. This immediately is one of the weaker points of the disc; I would have liked to hear a lot more of them.

Where the two members of Contrast (now a trio) that founded the band originate from Malochia, the music of Contrast is hardly comparable with Malochia. Instead it is best described as dark-electro with loads of variation. High quality, the kind that doesn’t get boring, even though originality isn’t always its strongest side. Sometime the tracks get an extra in a keyboard melody-line that just grows in your head, and never seems to leave (especially on the track "Follow The Leader").

This said I can only hope we will hear more from Contrast in the near future and to see them signed to a label based on this demo. For more info on them, visit

artist: Contrast
details: 3 tracks, 2005