Coph Nia – Holy War EP

After the debut album ‘That which remains’ comes a mini cd from this Swedish dark ambient project. It contains 4 tracks:
– Briefing
– Holy War [pt.1 – enter]
– The Binah/Satharyal Complex
– Holy War [pt.3 – remobilize]

‘Briefing’ is a short dark instrumental intro. Then the big bang comes with ‘Holy war pt. 1’: very powerful, much heavier than I was used of Coph Nia! Militant drumming and aggressive singing, even shouting in the refrain. Music to headbang to, a great track! ‘The Binah/Satharyal Complex’ is a long mysterious ambient track, filling half of the length of this EP! The music is adorned by whispered vocals and the sound of waves and gets somewhat towards the end. The last track starts with ultra low male vocals and turns into a ritual, tribal piece, yet another side of Coph Nia. All in all again a good release by Coph Nia, perhaps a little darker than the album, but with the same variety and quality.

artist: Coph Nia
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: mini cd, 4 tracks, 27 minutes