Coph Nia / Mindspawn – Erotomechaniks

The well known Coph Nia and the to me little known Mindspawn have together created an extremely dark sound sculpture. Erotomechaniks is nothing less then a sound sculpture. In the background industrial machine sounds form the basis of the tracks on top of which dark sounds are placed. Lustmord is never far away. The music has the same grotesque feeling as Paradise Disowned.

The record as a whole is very well structured. It goes from very tranquil to a few louder passages, while the atmosphere stays extremely dark and threatening. Erotomechaniks is a perfect soundtrack for a film like Metropolis as well as excellent to listen to while reading some occult texts.
Together with the new Squaremeter record, this is the best dark ambient release since a long time.

artist: Coph Nia
label: Punch Records
details: 7 tracks [PP009]