Coph Nia – That which Remains

Another fine artist on Cold Meat. Coph Nia, a one man project, has produced a fine album here, with a beautiful atmosphere and various good songs, rich of ideas and rather varied in style. The opener is a instrumental ambient piece, cold and slow. Then follows ‘Opus 77’, which contains ritual, half-whispered spoken vocals.

The music of this track reminds me of the slower work of Sephiroth. Track #3, ‘Doppelgänger’, is extremely dark in the vein of Lustmord, with some horror ssamples and screams that give you the shivers. But the next song, ‘Sanctus’ takes us to different spheres; it starts with some Gregorian chants, then a male voice comes, proclaiming Latin texts, sounding more aggressive as the song progresses.Towards the end a beautiful female voice joins in.

‘Holy War [pt.2 – Silence]’ is a minimal dark ambient piece with very low sounds. It is followed by ‘Our lady of the stars’, which is dominated by a powerful female voice, which even reminds me of Dead Can dance or Love is Colder than Death.
After a short intermezzo the long title track forms the end of this album: 11 minutes of convincing dark ambient reminding of Lustmord and Raison d’Etre, a worthy final.

By the way, later appeared the album ”That which is Remade’, filled with remixes of this album done by various artists that are present on

artist: Coph Nia
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 8 tracks, 62 minutes