Cordell Klier – Cavern Poems

A new album by Cordell Klier, who also released two albums on Ad Noiseam. “Cavern Poems” is the second release for the young Miisc label, after the compilation “Fields of Fire”. The limited lp comes in a plain grey sleeve, and also the label of the vinyl record is rather minimal. This suits the abstract, minimal electronic ambient compositions of Cordell Klier rather fine.

Kliers experimental work will not please everyone’s ears. His creations sounds rather futuristic. No clear melodies, but long stretched tranquil waves of sound, filed with sudden and random clicks and bleeps. Rather bare structures, with sharp and precise clicks ‘n cuts. Though you could use a microscope to dissect the scientific tracks on “Cavern Poems”, this glitchy piece of work is nevertheless not devoid of emotion and atmosphere. I quite like the second of the eight untitled tracks, which seems to have some subtle industrial elements, and the moody droning fourth piece. Or the deep frequencies of track no. 6.

Listening to Cordell Klier for too long might give me a nervous breakdown, but for the time being I can very well listen to his cold electronic landscapes filled with subtle mutations.

artist: Cordell Klier
label: Miisc
details: lp (lim. 350 copies) [miisc002]