Cordell Klier – Winter

On this new album, Cordell Klier again presents his dark-ambient clicks?n?cuts. The cd contains 10 tracks of synthetic dark ambient drones entwined with rhythmic glitch sounds. The album is well produced, and like its title sounds very cold.

Cordell Klier can perhaps best be compared to the better works of Squaremeter (M2, Panacea), but is far more interesting in its approach (or less tasteless). What it is lacking is a bit of a point. There seems to be no real direction in which either the tracks or the album are heading, apart from a nice atmosphere Cordell Klier does not seem to be willing to tell us anything.

This lack of direction is what makes this release fall short of being really good, which makes this release a bit pointless, which is a pity.

artist: Cordell Klier
label: Ad Noiseam
details: [adn31]