Cornix Maledictum – ­Mariage en Noir

On their previous album, … verdammt in alle Ewigkeit, Cornix Maledictum sounded like a metal band from a time before the electric amplified guitar was invented.

This new album sounds somewhat more moderate, which means the music is a little less loud and shows some more diversity.

Next to attention for songs in different tempos, there is also more variety in the musical spectrum. The song ‘Ska-tjuscha’ for example has some ska influences in the rhythm part, and on ‘Stella Splendens’ the band sounds musically enriched due to the help of guest musicians on cello and harp. ‘Vingedanz’ even has more a rock ’n roll than a metal feeling.

With Mariage en Noir Cornix Maledictum stays a band that plays loud music on medieval instruments, but they have broadened their idiom. Fans of like-minded bands such as Corvus Corax (of which one musician plays in Cornix Maledictum) and Schelmisch will not be disappointed by this cd.

artist: Cornix Maledictum
label: Venus Records
details: 10 tracks [venus01]