Cornix Maledictum – …verdammt in all Ewigkeit

Another medieval group? Yes, but not just any. It seems there is still a lot of music to explore in this genre. After the beautiful album by Faun and the bagpipe techno of Furunkulus there comes this album by Cornix Maledictum.

Just as with Furunkulus, the sound is dominated by percussion and bagpipes, only the music sounds louder, wilder and darker. The group has the most in common with Corvus Corax. Cornix Maledictum is a sort of metal band from a pre-metal era. ‘Heyduckentanz’ and ‘Devildance’ are simply medieval speedfolk and bagpipe trash. The band has also put a few more quiet songs on the disc, which shouldn’t have been there. The faster songs are much more fun…

artist: Cornix Maledictum
label: Ars Metalli