Corona Borealis – Corona Borealis

Folk and medieval music is gaining popularity again since some time. Amongst others hardrock and metal fans are showing interest in this music, probably due to the fact that bands like In Extremo, Subway to Sally and Tanzwut make use of folk influences in their rockmusic. Both some labels and fans are looking for more traditional forms of folk and medieval music as a reaction to this.

Well Of Urd is a division of the Dutch metallabel Hammerheart Records. This label has been concerned with releasing folk, medieval and related music for quite some time now. Next to Hekate and some other more modern sounding groups they have released this traditional cd by Coronoa Borealis. Corona Borealis is an album packed with beautiful and atmospheric folk and medieval music. The musicians show a wonderful skill playing traditional tunes with respect and feeling for history.

A difference with a lot of modern groups is that Corona Borealis doesn’t loose itself in trying to make dance music and sounding accessible. This is just a great cd with nice mood music. There should be more medieval music like this. Corona Borealis is a must have for fans of dark atmospheric folk and medieval tunes.

artist: Corona Borealis
label: Well of Urd