Corporate MF – The Royal WE

More gritty electronic stuff on Omega Point Records. Corporate MF makes a quite trendy mix of wave/electro and postpunk, with old and new influences. Some references you can mention are Devo and The Rapture. The album seems to have a corporate/business theme, with titles such as ‘Office fantasies’ and ‘Mission statement’, which of course fits the bandname Corporate MF well. Especially the lyrics and concept are interesting. The duo Nicholas Dye and Emil Hyde put quite a few musical styles in the blender, and the end result is not bad, but not brilliant either. Especially the vocals are not very powerful. A track like ‘Head Honcho’ is a bit of old-fashioned soulful pop, which works on my nerves after a while. The groovy electro of ‘Street dancers’ appeals more to my taste, though it also gets over the top. The rhythms of ‘Body Utility’ remind of Gang of Four and Shriekback but sound rather outdated. All in all peculiar album full of vintage gear and varied styles which is not unpleasant to consume, but does not leave a lasting impression.

artist: Corporate MF
label: Omega Point Records