Corvus Corax – Cantus Buranus

One of the best known medieval bands plays one of the best known pieces of medieval music: Corvus Corax takes on the Carmina Burana. After about twenty years of playing and fifteen albums, the medieval big band has the guts to step into the difficult world of a classical masterpiece.

The first thing about this version that you will hear is the grotesque feeling and the bombastic character. Although Corvus Corax always sounds this way, their Carmina Burana is a very powerful piece of music, even more then normal. This is without a doubt also due to the help of a choir and additional musicians. However, the result is impressive, something I did not expect to be honest.

Only dance tracks like ‘Dulcissima’ and ‘Venus’ should have maybe be left out as they spoil the mood of the listening experience. But, in overall Corvus Corax have not done a bad job at all. I wonder how they do this in a live situation.

artist: Corvus Corax
label: Roadrunner Records
details: 12 tracks, 2005 [RR842]