Corvus Corax – Venus Vina Musica

To most people the sound of Corvus Corax will be clear. Their powerful medieval sound has made them famous beyond the gothic scene, where they were first picked up. This new cd is about a minstrel traveling in to the East in search for a legendary dancer called Sanyogita. The expectation is raised that the band will incorporate Eastern elements in their music because of this theme.

Thus it is too bad to discover Venus Vina Musica is very much in the established style of Corvus Corax. Of course the songs are good and the instrumentation powerful. But, I don’t hear any new influences or angles in their work. All in all this new release is just Corvus Corax as you know it, nothing more, nothing less…

artist: Corvus Corax
label: Pica Music
details: cd, 12 tracks, 2006