Courtis / Marhaug – North and South Neutrino

Lasse Marhaug is well know for his involvement in Norway?s experimental music scene (read: noise scene). He releases numerous releases of harsh and soft noise, performed everywhere and collaborated with artists such as Aube and Merzbow. This collaboration is with someone called ?Courtis?, whom, I must admit, I have never heard before.

This work contains a lot of ?soft? noise, mainly very high tones and crackles, sometimes mixed with some lower rumblings. Slowly these low rumblings fade in more and more until we are treated to both very low and very high sounds at the same time. The overall work makes me think of ?pond? by John Hudak, and other releases on the Japanese Meme label, as well as some of Francisco Lopez?s releases and the works of Daniel Menche.

Recommended to those who like the artist mentioned above, but probably very hard to listen to for those who do not (for example; my cat does not seem to like it very much).

artist: Courtis / Marhaug
label: Antifrost
details: [afro2021]