Creating.paradise – Killing dreams

Newcomers creating.paradise from Germany were inspired by the Haujobb track ‘Final race’ when they choose a bandname. Indeed the 7 tracks on this cd remind me of Haujobb’s early work. After a couple of demo’s, ‘Killing dreams’ is the first professional cd of creating.paradise. The album takes us back to times when Zoth Ommog and Off Beat were leading labels in the dark electronic scene and when clubs were not dominated by future pop yet.

Creating.paradise is a duo: Björn Muehlnickel handles the programming and editing, Björn Honert takes care of the lyrics and vocals. The two Björns create midtempo, accessible electro tracks. The cold rhythms are nicely combined with atmospheric moody layers and not exaggerated distorted dark vocals. The not too complicated lyrics are rather criticial about the modern industrial consumer society: `We’re living in a world where there’s so much hurt / and we’re buying every little thing that is being sold’.

‘Legasov’, named after a Russian nuclear engineer involved in the Chernobyl reactor, is centered around German news samples about the nuclear accident, which fits the ‘Endzeit’ theme well. The American film samples on ‘Fingerprints’ make me think of Velvet Acid Christ. The slower, dark ‘All the time in the world’ brings back to mind early Pitchfork stuff, especially through the somewhat whispered vocals. The last track ‘Sleeping in concrete’ is an atmospheric soundscapish piece, which is a fitting end.

Apart from Haujobb, some other acts which come to mind while listening to this cd are Abscess and early Evils Toy and In Strict Confidence. Perhaps many people may find this cd not modern or spectacular enough. Personally I find this a pleasant disc, it takes me back to times when I still enjoyed electro music.

artist: Creating.paradise
label: self-released
details: 7 tracks, 32 min.