Crisis -­ Holocaust Hymns

Before Douglas P. and Tony Wakeford invented neofolk, they played punk rock. Their punk sound was fueled with post-punk and new wave influences and they appeared under the name Crisis.

Holocaust Hymns collects the early recordings of the band. From the first single from 1978 to the mini LP from 1980, all tracks are present on this disc. Also included are some rare live recordings and alternative versions of songs.

If you like the early sounds of The Clash, The Cure, Gang of Four and Warsaw this is the record to listen to. For fans of Death in June this is a nice historical document. Despite the fact Crisis had the very specific sound of their days, these tracks are worthwhile to hear. It displays the Zeitgeist of the era very well. A recommended history lesson!

artist: Crisis
label: Apop Records
details: Cd, 24 tracks [APOP013]