Crno Klank – Etat dex lieux

Crno Klank is another project of C-drik, who worked with Xingu Hill, Ammo, Axiome and Ambre. This album is an attempt to create tribal industrial music, which is something we?ve seen earlier in acts such as Zoviet France or Deutsch Nepal.

As with C-drik?s other releases I?m not really convinced of the musical quality of this release. The mastering and presentation are ok, but somehow there seems to be something missing. Just as with the Ammo and Axiome releases this release feels kind of ?empty?. When I compare this with the works of other tribal industrial releases it just misses a kind of atmosphere and style that other acts do seem to have.

Perhaps mr. C-drik want to release too much, and should focus on perfecting something or developping his own style before releasing it?

artist: Crno Klank
label: Ad Noiseam