Crüxshadows, the – Ethernaut

I suppose quite some people will be happy with the news that The Crüxshadows have made a new, fifth album. This band, which formed at the Florida university in 1992, has become quite popular with its catchy danceable songs which fuse synthpop and darkwave. Especially with dynamic live performances the band attracted quite some fans.

The Crüxshadows have strong roots in 80’s synthetic pop music, but they are not afraid to incorporate contemporary technologies, as well as surprising elements like violins and electric guitars. They also empoly both male and female vocals, which gives the songs a more colourful sound. There are of course various accessible melodic tracks present on “Ethernaut”. The theme of the album seems to be centered around the Trojan Wars, but many people will probably more interested in dancing to this music. Personally I find especially ‘Cassandra’ a succeeded track. An interesting and varied composition, with a catchy refrain and some breaks to build up the tension, and vocals in various styles combined. Other interesting pieces are ‘East’ (making me think of Bauhaus), ‘Winter born’ (old school synthpop with guitars) and the surprising romantic hidden bonus track ‘Nothing Left But Me’.

Though the music that The Crüxshadows create does not really appeal to my personal taste, I can certainly hear that they have done a good job. Good songs, with a lot of commercial potential but also enough daring aspects. Each track is filled with energy and a lot of variety. “Ethernaut” will probably satisfy their old fans and gain quite a few new ones for the band.

artist: Crüxshadows, the
label: Dancing Ferret Discs
details: 12 tracks. [dfd21013]