Crüxshadows, the – Fortress In Flames

To me The Crüxshadows have always been a live band, that couldn’t get the energy they spread during a show (be it for a packed stadium or for a small crowd in a small pub) onto cd. And this CD, that basicly is an EP with three new songs and twelve remixes, doesn’t change a bit about this.

In fact the three new tracks, “Dragonfly”, “Fortress (Eyes to heaven)” and “Edge Of The World” sound good, especially the first one. But I immediately start to wonder how much stronger they would sound on stage, which implies I’m still missing something.

This is a disc full of remixes, many by well known artists (Clan of Xymox, Razed in Black, In Strict Confidence), some by the Crüxshadows themselves. Three versions of “Citadel” make sure you will not easily forget that one sentence “I will never surrender”, two versions of “Cassandra”, two versions of “Love and hatred”, it already goes to show that this is not a disc to listen to at home, there’s too much repetition.

All of this songs, in this way, are suitable for the club-floor, but this truly is a disc only for dj’s and for the die-hard Crüxshadows fans. There just isn’t much on the disc that is suitable for a regular listener.

artist: Crüxshadows, the
label: Dancing Ferret Discs
details: 2004, 14 tracks