Curious – The Intimate Stranger

Curious is the name of a band that was once a Cure cover band. Nowadays they write and play their own songs. Not surprisingly their sound is still very much influenced by The Cure.

This debut album, The Intimate Stranger, is filled with romantic melancholic wave/rock songs that are in the vein of the sound of The Cure during their Disintegration period.

Even if the sound is close to that of The Cure, The Intimate Stranger is still a strong album. Curious is capable of writing good songs and creating a nice mood. These skills are most evident in tracks like the rocking ‘Thought of Angels’, the tranquil ‘Beyond the Veil’ and the poppy ‘Falling’.

The Intimate Stranger is highly recommended to fans of old style wave music.

artist: Curious
label: Genetic Music
details: 9 tracks [GM001]