Current 909 – The price for existence is eternal warfare

Current 909 is the more soundtrack oriented project of the Austrian producer/dj Pure, who released noise oriented works on labels such as Mego and Praxis, as well as some hardcore-techno oriented stuff.

This CD contains 8 tracks of soundtrack-like material and some rhythmic material. The tracks are all made with synthesizers and all sound like they were made in the 80?s horror movie industry. They have a bit of a simpistic doom feeling over them, and the simple melodies responsible for this feeling get repeated just a bit too much. The rhythms are not very interesting either, as they also sound a bit dated and are certainly not progressing in any way during the tracks.

This is a bit of a disappointment after the excellent Pure CD on Mego, so you?d better buy that one instead.

artist: Current 909
label: dOc/Atmosfear
details: [dOc009/atmosfear 003]