Curse of the Golden Vampire – Mass Destruction

Since Godflesh officially died it was quiet for a long time around Justin Broadrick (who is also behind projects like Techno Animal, Ice, Final, etc.). Now Mike Patton’s Ipecac label finally released the second album by ‘Curse of the Golden Vampire’, a project by Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin (God, Ice, the Bug, Techno Animal). The first album by CGV was a collaboration between Techno Animal and Alec Emipre (Atari Teenage Riot), and was released on alec’s DHR label. It featured heavy dub/hip-hop rhythms, breakcore-beats and lost of jazz/saxophone-noise.

This second album, called ‘mass destruction’, is quite different. It is still noisy and filled with breakbeats, but the jazz element is almost gone. Instead it is now filled with the most heavy grindcore and screaming vocals. This makes the album one of the most extreme crossover albums ever. Take a dosis of Nasum, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Sielwolf, Atari Teenage Riot, DJ Scud and of course Godflesh and Techno Animal, mix them together, and you get CGV.

This is the ultimate crossover!

artist: Curse of the Golden Vampire
label: Ipecac Recordings