Cyberpiper – Phaze 1

Cyberpiper is announced as a techno-troubadour, a musician who brings together medieval music and techno. As a performer Cybepiper looks like a Borg from StarTrek armed with midi bagpipes(!).
This cd, and the press release going with it, raises some great expectations. Unfortunately these are not fully satisfied. Most of the tracks are rather boring. They are quite long and don?t have a climax. Musically this is a good cd but it all is a bit to symphonic and orientated on innovation. Due to this the folk feeling is lost and there is not enoug attention payed to the songwriting.
I have good hopes Cyberpiper is a lot more interesting as a live performer. We will see if this is true, as this August he will perform at the Folkwoods Festival in The Netherlands.

artist: Cyberpiper
label: BMP
details: 12 tracks [EM0603]