Dada Swing – Cut, cut, cut…

This cd by Dada Swing is a weird record for sure. Think of (post-)punk and no-wave somewhat in the vein of Chicks on Speed and The Moldy Peaches. So, expect arty punk music that is hectic, nervous and strange.
Next to some fast and neurotic tracks like ‘Soundz Well’ and ‘Hand Made‘ there are luckily also some moment with more easy to listen music like ‘Pick Up U’ and ‘Herpés Robot’.
Cut, cut, cut… is not a record for people with a weak heart. The hectic rhythms and strange noise will make you nervous. However, if you have a taste for crazy music and are an adventurous listener, this album by Dada Swing will please you.

artist: Dada Swing
label: Cochon Records
details: 12 tracks [COCH011]