Daemonia Nymphe – The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs

Daemonia Nymphe already surprised me with a very strong album from a few years ago. Instead of playing traditional music from the Middle Ages (like many bands) they play music from ancient Greek times.

This record is not really a new album but consists of recordings even older then the first album. Luckily this says nothing about the quality of these songs. Again Daemonia Nymphe suprises me with their beautiful, ritualistic sounds and ethereal atmospheres.\

All instruments used on this record are re-built instruments from ancient times. Of course the music itself is only an interpretation of how music could have sounded back then. But the band does their interpretations in a convincing way.

Daemonia Nymphe plays music no other band (I know of) plays. They are truly original in what they do and they are very good at it.

artist: Daemonia Nymphe
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 7 tracks [PRIK083]