Dandelion Wine – An inexact science

Naomi Henderson and Nicholas Albanis are Dandelion Wine. “An Inexact Science” is the third release of them. It contains music they themselves describe as medieval ethereal, post-dreampop. A strange description for music, then again the Melbourne-duo might be right, let’s just have a listen.

First thing to notice is that this is experimental music with a special touch, immediately recognizable as the same act through the whole album. Second thing to notice is the choice of instruments. From flute to dulcimer, but also several electronic instruments add their sound. Beats go together with medieval instruments in tracks that sound different from what one usually hears. The guitar that is often used is hardly recognizable the way it is twisted and transformed all around.

Okay, that much for medieval, now the ethereal part, that probably mainly describes the often dream-like vocals of Naomi Henderson. The post-dreampop part I guess is hardest to explain, where there is a dreamy air to the music at times, it never really gets to the point it is boring. And pop? No way, it is not that accessible at all.

Probably better just call it experimental music I guess. A disc that grows on the listener and the listener has to grow along as well. Even then though, it is not a truly standout album. A disc where the duo did nice things, but never put them together in such a way that the tracks are really good. Not bad at all either, it is nice and the booklet provided with the disc is very good. Music that takes you along at times, but then again starts losing you, riding along without you, picking you up again a few moments later. A disc that does not have any real standout tracks, but if I would have to name one it would probably be “Black Glitter”.

People interested in experimental music, where old instruments meet electronic ones, should at least give this disc a listen, they might actually like it. I myself, I’ll wait for the EP they announced already with the more danceable and electronic tracks from the recording-sessions for “An Inexact Science”.

artist: Dandelion Wine
label: Ars Musica Diffundere
details: cd, 10 tracks, 2006 [AMD 011]