Dangereux vs Iversen – Reconstructing mechanical bacteria

When I first got this CD, I thought it looked really unprofessional, and quite unappealing. A simple layout in a printed paper cover. For some strange reason these first impressions are usually reflected in the music presented. In this case I would like to admit that this is an exception.

Although the cover looks very unattractive and it is very unclear where this music comes from and what these artists (or the label) wants, the music itself is actually quite appealing.

Processed audio signals form a slightly noisy, but quite intriguing work in between improvisational drones and electro acoustic compositions. This reminds me of the (much more subtle) works of Fennesz or releases on the Empreintes Digitales label. The music is certainly less refined, and quite a lot less professional (as the presentation already suggested), but is has certainly got an appeal. I?m sure these (unknown) artists deserve to get some more attention and I hope they will give their future releases a more appealing presentation and production.

artist: Dangereux vs Iversen
label: TIBProd.
details: cdr [TIBCD01]