Daniel Menche/Kiyoshi Mizutani – Garden

For this collaboration CD called ?garden? Daniel Menche and Kiyoshi Mizutani used an interesting concept. Menche took care of the low end of the frequencies, while Mizutani did the high end of the frequencies.

Daniel Menche is well known for his low rumbling soundscapes, while Kiyoshi Mizutani usually operates in the mid-range of our hearing. Both artists use found or environmental sounds and manipulate these to create their music.

?Garden? contains lots of sounds that sound like they have been recorded by Mr. Mizutani in a Japanese garden, chittering birdsounds or perhaps the sounds of insects that turns into a hissing drone. This chittering and hissing is accompanied by the unrecognisable low rumblings by Daniel Menche. This one track soundscape takes a bit more than an hour and starts quite gentle. Towards the end, however, it becomes more and more threatening.

In all this is a very exciting and interesting release, which is less dark than Menche?s usual output and a bit darker than Mizutani?s releases and is both meditative and unnerving at the same time.

artist: Daniel Menche/Kiyoshi Mizutani
label: Auscultare/Ground Fault
details: [AUS018]