Dank – The Fallen/Not everyone wins

Dank is an American project apparently influenced by Twiztid (?), Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. They combine hiphop and electronica, with influences from industrial and modern dance. The vocals combine singing and rapping. This debut of Dank is quite ambitious. It’s not just a collection of 20 songs, but it tells a story. An epic story even, “The fallen” is the first part of a 4-part saga, the story about Caleb Dankhearst, a fallen character struggling with his life. A relentless industrialo drum machine pushes the machine forward, while electronic sounds and bass guitar do the rest. The almost spoken vocals by mastermind Josh McVeigh sound quite tough, but are too monotonous to keep your attention. The concept of “The Fallen” is certainly original, and the combination of hiphop and electronica is perhaps not completely my taste, but in any case not something I hear daily. Still I think the song material could use some variation. Or would that distract too much from the story? There are no tracks that really stand out, ‘A heroless world’ is perhaps my favourite, reminding me of Tricky, and ‘Da bay bounca’ has a cool beat.

artist: Dank
label: Ninja Records