Dånzen Jetzt – ålles will los 2

Dånzen Jetzt are four people from Berlin and Montreal, who have been involved in bands like Transformer Di Roboter, Ensemble and Chlorgeschlecht.
On the A side of the record are minimal and sweet cut up sample songs, that will turn a smile on your face.

Then you turn the record, and you’re in for a small surprise. The sweet minimal cut up songs are replaced by faster, stranger sample experiments, combining a multitude of sounds ranging from Atari sounds, to radio loops. The songs become as strange as the titles they have been given like ‘rwåndås’, ‘fukåzzo’, ‘die fqpd’ and ‘ydm2’, to name a few. Side B sounds like Rephlex artists remixing each other, or simply some sounds they happened to hear that day.

It all adds up to an entertaining album, not delivering anything new though.

artist: Dånzen Jetzt
label: Klangkrieg Produktionen
details: 12" [KK12] (2003)