Darkwood – Heimat & Jugend

This is the second album of the German neo-folk act around Henryk Vogel, Darkwood. Although, neo-folk, the debut was for a large part dominated by folky songs, but this new cd only contains ambient/industrial tracks! No acoustic tracks and singing on this release, just electronics and samples are on the menu this time . On the Darkwood homepage a warning is issued therefore: Achtung! This recording represents an apocalyptic soundscape. “Heimat & Jugend” has to be considered as a link between “In the Fields” and “Flammende Welt” (the next album, HD).

I had to get used to it at first, but now I’m starting to appreciate it more and more. This record really contains some great pieces, like my favourite Nachtgewitter, a strange orchestral track reminding me of Allerseelen, with samples from war aircrafts. The music on this album is rather diverse, from tranquil dark ambient through industrial pieces till more bombastic orchestral tracks like Peace for a Moment. Strange rhythms, sounds and samples give this album a dark and rich sound. The mood of the album is constantly very threatening, you get the feeling war can break out any minute. If you like e.g. Der Blutharsch or Allerseelen you could give this album a try. The album title says already something about the main theme, which Darkwood explains as: The idea was to express different experiences in several foreign countries related to their cultural and historical background as well as to incorporate arising memories of our ‘homeland & youth’. I must say, the more I listen to this record the more this journey can captivate me…

“Der Heimgekehrte
ist ein anderer
als der stets Daheimgebliebene”
Herman Hesse

artist: Darkwood
label: Heidenvolk
details: 11 tracks, 38 minutes