Darkwood – In the Fields

And yet another new German act that makes dark folk music! Darkwood is a one-man project, mastermind is Henryk Vogel from Leipzig. “In the Fields” is a self-produced album that is being distributed through World Serpent. Influences from various bands can be heard, like Sol Invictus, but there are many songs that show an own sound, with a mixture of traditional themes and avantgardistic soundscapes. Most songs are rather calm. Acoustic instruments like guitar, cello or recorder are used as well as synthetic sounds, completed by minimal or orchestral drum parts. Grave singing, spoken word and an occasional heavenly female voice complete the picture. No more than 18 songs are on this debut album, some in German, most in English. The most beautiful song is “Winter”, very touching, with nice cello, flutes and a female voice. Some other tracks prove too that Darkwood has a lot of potential. In the booklet some nice pictures are included, that were taken on the island “RĂ¼gen”.

artist: Darkwood
label: World Serpent