Darkwood – Weltenwende (cd)

The 10” vinyl Weltenwende EP (2003) by Darkwood is still the most played neo-folk record I have. It is the highlight in Darkwood’s repertoire and can be considered a sort of classic in the neo-folk genre.
As the vinyl is long sold out there is now a cd version of this release which includes some additional tracks. Next to the eight original tracks there are five extra songs on this cd. These are all re-recordings of pieces that appeared on other releases. So, for the fans of Darkwood this record will have no suprises.

The music is beautiful and melancholy with acoustic guitars, flutes and some string instruments. Sometimes the songs are dreamy and soothing and at other times they are powerful and intense.
All the songs from the original Weltenwende record have lost nothing of their power and impact. These pieces seem to be timeless. From the additional tracks especially ‘Torn Nation’ and ‘The Hidden Stone are impressive. Together with the other extra songs and the EP tracks they fit perfectly and make up for a true album.

Probably this cd will serve as an introduction to Darkwood for new listeners. But, it is also a collection of the best material from Darkwood so far.

artist: Darkwood
label: Heidenvolk
details: 13 tracks [HV09]