Darkwood – Weltenwende

After the excellent cd “Flammende Welt”, Darkwood returns with this vinyl-only 10″. It’s more than just ‘something in between’, the record contains 8 tracks which belong to Darkwood’s best work. Most songs are romantic acoustic neo-folk pieces, with only a few more experimental moments, like the martial ambient composition ‘Der Schaffende’, with lyrics inspired by Nietschze. The themes are as always passionate, dealing with ‘enthusiasm and resignation, struggle and reflection, ascent and retreat, love and grief’. Many ‘real’ and warm instruments are used, sounding less synthetic than ever. The comparison with Forseti is clear at times, which is certainly not a bad thing in my opinion. Most songs are rather basic and minimal, without superfluous elements, but with a lot of direct feeling.

‘Wiederkehr’ starts with a clear flute melody, a medieval sound against a modern background of noisy samples. Next is ‘Der Falken Flug’, in a different version than on the “Flammende Welt” album, an oh so beautiful classical song with the lovely sound of a cello and senstive vocals, later aided by a a violin which reminds me of Argine, after which drums and guitars join them to finish the song. It is followed by the melancholic ‘Im Heimatwald’, full of longing, but the drums and orchestral outro seem to offer some comfort.
The nice introspective ‘Stiller Bund’ opens the B-side. Three more folky pearls follow, especially ‘Weg ins Licht’ is lovely. Apparently the songs are rather short, because the record is over before I know it. Or is it just that I crave for more? A typical Eis & Licht-style record, with nice atmospheric neo-folk music.

artist: Darkwood
label: Eis & Licht
details: 10', 8 tracks. ltd. 700. Eis033 (2003)