Davantage – Broken influences/Remnant

In general I am not a big fan of dark electro music. Davantage did however produce a few tracks in the past that I could appreciate.

This double cd is a re-issue of the first official cd, Broken Influences, by the band together with a second cd on which even older material can be found, from the bands ‘tape period’ and the first self released cd Mental Destruction. Within the borders of the dark electro genre Davantage does what you might expect. The group produces dancefloor friendly music with distorted vocals. Between all this old material there are a few slow songs (‘Faceless Faker’, ‘American Resistance’ and Winterdogs’) which gives the music somewhat an old EBM feeling. The highlight of the album is the Feindflug remix of ‘Decandence’, that despite it hectic rhythm is still a good dance track.

The second cd with even older material is most likely only nice for the true fan. Overall the music on this disc is not very enlightening. There are a few good moments on it though (‘R.I.P.’ and ‘Isolation’). Like Davantage there are many more bands in the dark electro scene. Most of the time these bands are Frontline Assembly clones on high speed. But if you
like this kind of music this cd is not a bad choice.

artist: Davantage
label: Black Rain
details: 2cd, 22 tracks [BR018]