Davantage – Unholy

Seven new tracks and six remixes is what davaNtage offer us on this EP. Over one hour of (mostly) danceable electro is what the listener of this album becomes.

After the boring first track, title track Unholy revenges this first track in a splendid way. From this point on, the new tracks on this EP keep on hammering into your ears in a very nice way. Having its weaker and better points, the total is of high enough quality to let this cd spin and enjoy oneself.

After the first seven tracks, six remixes follow. Remixes by not epecially small artists, like Soman, Supreme court and Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando). And even though I’m not really sure what to think about the remixing of every song nowadays, it’s for sure that all these remixes are danceable and worth listening to. In fact it’s a nice gesture to the fans to sell the 7 track ep with six remixes.

This EP that was released last May for sure is a nice way to keep the people waiting for the new album, working title “Split & Shatter”.

artist: Davantage
label: Black Rain
details: 2004, 13 tracks