Davide Balula – Pellicule

These days it seems to be a fashion to combine electronics with acoustical sounds. Normally the ideas are great, but too often the resulting product is disappointing. So now there is Davide Balula from France, a visual artist that has been experimenting with many forms of art, and now he is trying music.

The CD starts out with the song ‘EBurn(9v)’, a lovely electronic folk song, his voice sounds beautiful together with the guitar and the layers of electronic sounds. From there the cd goes on, the music gets weirder, the sounds more freaky (opening cd players zippers repeated over and over again), and the one thing that actually made the first song, the voice of Davide Balula, is less heard.
It seems that whenever the voice of Balula is heard the music actually goes somewhere, instead of being a big bag of unsorted sounds played through each other on a certain rhythm.

The CD holds a few good songs, but it never continues. The cd is yet another crossover cd between electronics and acoustic, not delivering anything we haven´t heard yet. The few good songs can´t make up for the rest of the CD.

artist: Davide Balula
label: Active Suspension
details: (ACD08)