Dawn Desiree – Dancing, Dreaming, Longing…

Dawn Desiree is a singer with an angelic voice, though she also participated in a metal project in the past. The nice looking digipack has some fine romantic photos of her with her long red hair, making me think of the models of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s, to whom now an exposition is dedicated in Amsterdam. “Dancing, Dreaming, Longing…” is her official debut album, and it certainly does not disappoint. Dawn accompanies herself on piano/synth, and is assisted by the Riddick Brothers (The Soil Bleeds Black).

I like her ethereal, melancholic classical songs most, like ‘Waltz of the Afterlife’, a piano song with heavenly vocals and emotional effects. But there are also songs which are more darkwave or even electro pop inspired. Like the almost EBM piece ‘Revenge’, which will perhaps appeal to L’Ame Immortelle fans. An interesting album of a talented vocalist, recommended for fans of romantic acts like Autumn Tears, Ophelia’s Dream or acts from the Projekt stable. Or perhaps even major artists like Kate Bush or Tori Amos.

artist: Dawn Desiree
label: Fossil Dungeon, The
details: [FD018]