Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Scherzo

After three cd’s the French project Dawn & Dusk Entwined has now released a limited vinyl single. As usual with releases from Eternal Soul Records, the design of the black & white exterior looks great with images of a deserted futuristic city. The music itself on the heavy piece of black vinyl is also worthwhile.

Dawn & Dusk Entwined has delivered two new tracks, which sound rather tranquil. ‘City Lights’ is a slow piece, which combines minimal piano music with melancholic spoken vocals. Great haunting atmosphere. ‘Conquer again’ has, as its title indicates, militant aspects, mainly in the war-related samples in the beginning and end. Furthermore this track is comparable to ‘City lights’, with slow piano music, calm spoken texts and background ambient.

The sound of this single surprised me somewhat, being more minimal than I’m used to of Dawn & Dusk Entwined. But I like the style and mood of these two songs a lot!

The normal black vinyl edition comes in 267 copies, including a postcard. There is also a special edition of 66 copies in orange/transparent vinyl.

artist: Dawn & Dusk Entwined
label: Eternal Soul Records
details: 7' [ES 10]