Dawn of Reflection – Advent of Chaos

Dawn of Reflection is the project of Fred Bonnier from France. I first encountered this act on the compilation “Defend the Palace (Palace of Worms Records). “Advent of Chaos” is a full-length demo. The first ‘official’ release is expected soon, on Stateart.

This demo sounds very promising. The mood is dark and the structures are interesting. They create a dense oppressive mood. Dawn of Reflection has a strong ritual sound, with monotonous but powerful (metallic) percussion and various layers on top of each other, with various (vocal) samples making things more adventurous. It has a rumbling underground industrial feeling, for instance like Megaptera, but with more modern electronic influences, especially in the rhtyhms. There are also various floating classical elements present, which gives the music a more atmospheric feel. The tracks are rather long and repetitive, but also quite effective. I find this interesting material, certainly for a first demo. I would not be surprised if the forthcoming album of Dawn of Reflection is an excellent one.

artist: Dawn of Reflection
label: self-released
details: 9 tracks