Days of the Trumpet Call – I saw no Temple in the City

A beautiful picture disc and seven new tracks from this German project around Raymond P. is what this 10″ offers us. The music is in the line of the debut album, neo-classical music, performed with electronic means mostly, a little bombastic at times, but always tastefully. There are a few lyrical samples, with texts from Eichendorff and Rilke. They combine well with the music, the tracks with the lyrics are my favourites. Just like on the debut album ‘Purification” there are again a lot of religious/apocalyptic images on this record, which the title already makes clear. Well, the music on this record is a good refuge from the everyday urban madness.
If you liked the first Days of the Trumpet Call album or the more orchestral tracks of Von Thronstahl (a project where Raymond P. also participates in) then you can safely buy this limited release, which is rather expensive though. I’m already looking forward to see this project live (8 February in Nijmegen)!

artist: Days of the Trumpet Call
label: Black Rain
details: 10' picture disc, 7 tracks