Days of the Trumpet Call – Purification

After a few sampler contributions this is the debut album of this German project, that makes neo-classical music, in a rather bombastic style, mostly with synthesizers. Perhaps it is surprising that this album is released (in 2000) by Black Rain, who are mostly known for danceable electro bands like Feindflug and Davantage. TDOTTC consists of Raymond P., who wrote all the music. He is also active in Von Thronstahl, and you can indeed hear some musical similarities. On this records he is aided by Mike Morris, who plays the guitar on three songs, and by Pat, who takes care of spoken words in two tracks. Most songs are instrumental though, and on two songs samples from opera singers performing Verdi’s Requiem are used, which gives a nice effect. The theme of this album is the Apocalypse, which is also reflected in the cover artwork, that shows details from works of Bosch, Turner and Memling. The orchestral music is rather good, but it lacks variation. Perhaps you can compare it to a simpler version of Stoa, but with a darker atmosphere. I also miss a few tracks that really stand out, I can’t really say what my favourite song is after a few listening turns. But if you like dark instrumental music and are not afraid of a little bombast, you won’t be disappointed by this album.

artist: Days of the Trumpet Call
label: Black rain
details: 11 tracks