De Frontanel – Grotesque

This is the second release by the mysterious musician De Frontanel. After a 7” as part of a trilogy on his own Grahn Geen-Yol records there is this 10” on the Treue um Treue label (home of Wermut).

Grotesque is even more strange then the 7” by De Frontanel. Thematically it is about deformed and curious creatures of nature. The music takes the listener on a stroll through a side show.
Minimal electronic structures are mixed with acoustic elements like guitar and mouth harp. The songs could have been played by these so called freaks that inhabit the side show. Standing out are Elephantiasis‘, ‘La jument boite’ and ‘Grotesque’. These moments will not leave you untouched with their sinister and mysterious mood.

De Frontanel plays minimal music like it was before it became a formula. Anything is possible and anything can happen: the suspense created within these minimal songs is wonderful.
The experience of this record is enriched by the great artwork, the gatefold sleeve in which it comes and the six inserts (cards with drawings fitting the theme).

Treue um Treue / Reue um Reue is getting steadily a status as one of the most interesting new labels. Quality and artistically releases like this new production will establish their name soon. Highly recommended!

artist: De Frontanel
label: Treue um Treue
details: 10”, 10 tracks [TuT002]