De Mange Machine – Conscious

A rather experimental album on Brume, making me think of classic industrial avantgarde acts like Nurse with Wound or Zoviet France. De Mange Machine, a project of Frenchman Patrice Duisit, treats the listener to estranging sound collages. The artist, who made two albums before, uses sounds coming from electronic generators, manipulated voices as well as various unrecognizable sources.

In general the sound is quite calm and minimal, mainly based on dry percussive elements and coloured with a wide range of seemingly random sounds sampled from all kinds of sources. Nevertheless the album is an intense affair through its strange combination of sounds and absence of familiar melodic structures. I got used to it though after a few listening turns and even disovered some dreamlike, unconscious qualities. An interesting creation for listeners who like to be challenged.

artist: De Mange Machine
label: Brume Records
details: 19 tracks, 2004 [Brume 12]